Recycling used items is a great way to contribute back into our area. It can help keep prices lower for some items, and helps the landfill from overwhelming nature. 

Zip-A-Dee Services is committed to offering recycling you can see and know that your efforts are making a difference. We do not charge for metal* or electronics!


For glass recyclables, please be sure there is no liquid remaining. It's best to also remove any plastic labels and tops. 


For plastic recyclables, please be sure there are no liquid in the bottles. Any food residue can contaminate the batch!


For Aluminum recycling, please be sure to rinse any food away, and leave no liquid in the cans. 

Zip-A-Dee partners with Blue Ridge Hospice Electronics Recycling (Front Royal) to take any used electronics and metal to be properly recycled.

Blue Ridge Hospice electronics recycling experts will wipe your hard drive clean, so all your personal files and information will be deleted.

If you have any other questions, please call them directly at (540) 313-9284.

 Electronics include:

Electronics that are NOT recycled: 

And Metal that is now accepted:

We are also working with Battle Creek Landfill of Page County to offer recycling of glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum. 

There is more info on how to recycle here:

What to expect when you sign up for recycling: 

*We will charge to remove large items, but not basic household metal items like pots and pans, folding chairs, old shovels, etc.