Our Story

Zip-A-Dee Services is owned and operated by residents in the Shenandoah Valley. We saw that anyone living beyond the town limits are pretty much on their own when it comes to trash pickup, and it needed a solution.

Rather than dealing with having to burn trash with that not-so-wonderful smell,  finding that  wild and local animals spreading bags over the neighborhood (don’t forget the night time bears on the back porch!) or how the two-week-old  bags leaked all over your nice car on the way to the dump:  just call us instead! We’ve been able to cut down pollution in neighborhoods so trash can be disposed of in a responsible, worry-free way, and take away the stress of committing to those dump runs!

We are here to stay! Zip-A-Dee Services is meant to last a very, very long time. We want to be part of a bigger picture for the Valley, and a long term solution. 

Our goals are to be dependable, reachable, and affordable.

Recycling responsibly is a long term goal of ours! We are happy to start this with Free Electronics Recycling, that will be recycled at a facility in Warren County. Any time a member needs this service, just send an e-mail, text or phone call!

Family Fun Day in Front Royal, 2022!