Questions & Answers

Q: What comes with a weekly trash removal subscription?

A: Zip-A-Dee will remove the agreed trash weekly from the residence, as well as broken down cardboard boxes, electronic and metal recycling, a trash can, and opportunity to acquire free trash removal through referral!

Zip-A-Dee offers glass, plastic and aluminum recycling for a fee. 

Q: Does Zipadee Services require their customers to purchase Zip-A-Dee's trash cans? 

A: No, we do not. You can use any trash can you like! We are offering trash cans with the subscription as well!

Q: Should my trash be bagged?

Yes! Having your trash bagged up helps keep animals out, keeps the trash from spreading from of the can, and makes the pickup easier. 

Q: What do you mean by "trash bag"? Is there a size limit?

A: By "trash bag", we are referring to the classic size. This refers to 13 gallon bags but it can be a little larger.  There is not a size limit, but we do ask for consideration for our team to remove them. 

Q: What if I have extra bags this week?

A: There is a little flexibility in the amount. Typically, you are paying for a weekly removal of a certain amount. If you have a bag or two extra from time to time, it's fine and we will collect it. If you have over an additional 1/2 can's worth on more then one occasion, we may ask that you upgrade your account to an additional can. 

Q: What if I miss putting out my trash, but I've paid for my pickup?

A: We are happy to grab that week of trash at the next available pickup date. 

Q: Does Zip-A-Dee Services take boxes/cardboard?

A: Of course! However, any boxes taller that 2 inches must be broken down and placed by the trash can for us to take.

Q: I am interested in recycling. Is this an option?

A: As of now, we offer electronic and metal item recycling included in the regular sign up. Please send us a message if you have any bulky items ahead of pickup. 

Additional recycling of aluminum, glass bottles and plastic is available upon signup!

Zip-A-Dee Services is happy to partner with Blue Ridge Hospice for electronic and metal recycling, and Battle Creek Landfill (they offer on site recycling) for glass, plastic bottles and aluminum recycling. 

Q: What do I need to do for the weekly pickup?

A: On the appointed date, please have your trash at the end of your driveway (unless arranged otherwise.) Boxes need to be broken down, bags tied up, and no hazardous materials (Like medications, animal carcasses, and car batteries).

Q: How long does it take for service to begin once I finish the sign up process? 

The trash pickup will begin the following pickup day for your area. Keep a lookout for texts, e-mails or calls regarding signup information!

Q: Once I sign up, what should I expect?

After submission, there will be a confirmation e-mail. Once your application is approved by a Zip-A-Dee Service member, an 

e-mail will be sent to you with information regarding what, where and when to expect service. 

Q: In what areas does Zip-A-Dee Services offer pickup?

Currently, Zip-A-Dee Services is offering weekly trash pickup for Shenandoah Shores, Shenandoah Farms, Near the Airport, Morgans Ford Bridge,  Apple Mountain in  Linden, The Twin Bridges in the Front Royal,  Browntown and Bentonville areas. We are now offering pickup in Page County as well--reach out to us to see if we are in your area! If you are interested in having pickup in your neighborhood, please send an e-mail to

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: If you need to cancel your subscription at any time, reach out to Marigrace at and let her know. The payments are monthly so if you should need to cancel, your service ends with the paid through week. There are no cancellation fees!