Weekly Trash Pickup

Now offering weekly trash pickup! We know it's nice to have options to fit your lifestyle-pay for what you need!

Saving Time

Have you considered how much of your time it consumes to haul the trash to the dump yourself? Can you be paid back for how much time, gas and energy it takes? Consider our affordable options instead, and enjoy your time doing what you love!

Affordable Options

Trash pickup doesn't have to be expensive, and we are happy to fit your needs. Currently, we offer three options for basic pickup, and we are always looking for new ways to expand recycling!

Zip-A-Dee Services does contract with HOA or any community interested in trash pickup! Reach out to Marigrace@zipadeeservices.com for info. Our pickup is customizable and flexible.

Why Zip-A-Dee Services? So many reasons.

We will be there! Our drivers and trucks are ready to handle the icy weather of the Shenandoah Valley. We have 4x4 dually trucks, prepped and ready for snow.

We are a local, small business.

We support and hire veterans! If you are a veteran, let us know on signup: we will give you a month of free service!

Recycling in a responsible, ethical way is important to us! Right now, we offer multiple different recycling options! Using local companies and resources, we want you to know where your efforts take you! For more information, clink on the link below.

We care about the neighborhood. you won't find us leaving trash at the local dump stations! We go to the transfer station in Bentonville.

Our trucks are kept small and dependable so that we can service homes that other companies can't reach!

Our service helps keep the neighborhood clean: by removing trash weekly, bears and other wildlife are less able to get into and spread trash. We actually see ourselves as a bear deterrent!

Zip-A-Dee Services is happy to work with HOA, POA, Investors and Entrepreneurs for Airbnb's and more!

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Know someone who also wants trash removal? Refer them, let us know and we will give you a month free for each referral!*

*Must be signed up for pickup

Are you a veteran or in law enforcement? Let us know! We will give you 1 month of FREE pickup on signup.