Premium Full Service

Are you a Short Term rental owner? Whether you are Airbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, or a private rental: Check out our Special Service for trash removal!

Premium Full Service

Zip-A-Dee Services now offers a special service for rentals!

We understand that trash is unpredictable involving third parties:

Well, worry no more!

 Zip-A-Dee Services now offers a monthly plan where there is no limit on how much your renter(s) make that week, we will take it away! 

Oh, did they forget to put the trash in the removal spot? We got you! We will go get the trash* if they forget about it: because we are the best

*Providing the trash is in a place we can access

This service can also include recycling, and we will provide an information sheet for you and your guests!

Sign up for the Special Service at $85/monthly, and Special Service with recycling for $100/monthly, for weekly pickup!